Why More People Are Using Apps Instead Of Using Websites for Healthcare

With the increasing use of advanced technology in healthcare setups, many innovations have hit the market, the most convenient of which are mobile phone apps for doctors. Mobile apps have become the most common communication modality between doctors and their patients.

In the recent years, there has been a massive shift of patients from doctors’ websites to doctors’ apps for the purpose of availing medical care. This shift can be attributed to several reasons.

• Doctors’ Apps Offer Ease of Communication

Mobile apps for doctors are like virtual clinics where patients can get in direct contact with the doctor. Websites’ “Contact us” pages usually contain phone numbers and emails, a process which can take days for the patients to communicate with the doctor. The remote chat, call and video consultation facilities ensure that patients get in touch with the doctor immediately for prompt medical advice.

• Offline communication

Mobile apps for doctors are not dependent on internet connection to work. This is in stark contrast to the websites that require a secure internet connection. Mobile apps give the patients the feasibility to reach expert doctors who are the leading names in practice, even if they are located in another city. Remote communication, even offline, is one of the biggest perks of using m-clinic apps for doctors.

• Speedy contact

Mobile apps for doctors run faster than the websites. It’s easy to understand this concept. The apps run directly on your phone whereas the websites run within the browser installed on your phone. The extra layer causes the running of websites to slow down. With no such hindrance faced by mobile apps, speedy functionality and prompt medical advice are guaranteed to the patients, which is why they prefer using mobile apps to websites.

• Easy navigation

Some of the websites are too cumbersome for the patients to handle and they end up spending hours going through irrelevant stuff before landing at the right page with contact details. The simple and easy-to-use interface of mobile apps helps patients easily get in contact with the doctor without any delay.

• Billing convenience

Using the website requires a trip to the doctor’s clinic afterwards to get the medical advice and pay hefty fees. Mobile apps for doctors have eliminated any such hassle, providing the patients the ease to pay remotely since these apps are also billing gateways. This way, they don’t even have to step out of their house to get health advice and to pay the fee.

• Patient privacy

Since the apps for doctors allow the patients to communicate with the doctor in person via chat, call or video, the privacy of the patient is maintained. The same cannot be said about the websites which, unless run and maintained by the doctor himself, involves third parties and breach of patient confidentiality is a risk, which is another reason why patients are turning to mobile apps more than websites.

• Functionality

A majority of our country’s population has easy access to smartphones. Since they are made for the sole purpose of running on mobile devices, the mobile apps are compatible with almost all the smartphones whereas the websites may or may not be mobile pone friendly and take a lot of time to run on the smartphones. They may even not run altogether. This is why patients prefer using m-clinic apps for doctors to websites.

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