Why is My Computer Slow? Find Out Best Solution to Fix Slow Computer Problem Here

Why is my computer slow? Many people may ask this question after their computer being used for a long time, Nothing can be more frustrating then using a slow computer, it is suffering to wait minutes for a computer to start, load a program, a game or even open a document.

Some people may think that lacking of memory is the reason for this problem. Well, more memory will no doubt faster your computer, but that’s not we want to talk about. Actually you can fix the slow computer problem without changing or modifying any hardware of your computer, that is to clean the registry.

Maybe many computer users don’t know exactly what registry is. The registry can determine how the Windows operate. It records keys and entries of all the software and hardware in the computer. Why is my computer slow? When come to this question, Registry is just the thing we need to take care.

If something went wrong with the registry keys, your computer will not function properly, you may find certain programs in your computer will not run, or strange error message pops-up from time to time, one single corrupt key in the registry can even crash a computer. With a clean and organized Windows registry, you computer will definitely run smoothly and properly.

To fix the registry is not difficult, with the help of registry cleaner, you can easily fix the registry error and clean up the invalid or obsolete entries in it with a few steps. Don’t even try to think about fixing the registry manually by using registry editor, that is way too risky for average computer user, if you deleted or modified the wrong key, you computer will never start again and you may have to reinstall the whole system. In fact, I also thought about the question of why is my computer slow before. Since I formed the habit of clean my computer registry at least once a week to keep it tidy, I seldom get errors message on my computer, and it also runs smoothly.

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